Your digital gym

A premium Gym & Wellness Ecosystem through user-centered design

How can we create an addictive, fun to use, all-in-one gym digital ecosystem? This was our main challenge. We used a variety of design and development tools, to realize this. The final solution includes a member app, employee dashboard and access control experience in the gym.




2019 - 2020




UX research Journey mapping & Prototyping Front-end & Back-end


Android &iOS native

What needs are we solving?
As always, we conducted user research to discover how people think about health, going to the gym and improving their wellness.

We conducted over 40 interviews and immersed ourselves in the ‘gym life’ for a full week. We decided to focus on ‘diehard’ sports fanatics and people who see sports as a social event.

Key features

All-digital solution
From contracting, to onboarding, to reserving classes: it’s all done in 1 app.

Manage performance
For owners, coaches and managers, we developed an admin portal that tracks a huge amount of metrics.

Digital signature
As part of the contracting process, we implemented digital signatures to avoid any type of paperwork.

A better employee experience
Apart from the user app, we developed a manager and coach portal that allows staff to quickly track how they’re performing. Whether you’re a coach, gym manager, or HQ professional, a new versatile employee platform allows everyone to stay up to date on developments, targets, and customer feedback.

The new app focuses on what matters most: getting people to work out. That’s why the main journey allows people to quickly sign up for classes and clinics, and browse coach information within seconds. Pick a class and time-slot, and let’s go!