Viva Aerobus: ¡Vuela!

How we designed and developed an on-the-go platform for Viva’s travelers.

Next to developing Viva’s Aerobus website, Umvel was tasked to create a fun, convenient, easy-to-use mobile application. This app will give travelers a personalized experience to book and manage their trips, in every possible way. We created the mobile digital strategy, the design, and we did the all development, with a special focus on capitalizing on native iOS and Android features.


Viva Aerobus






UX, UI, Animation, Devops, Front End, Back End


Android, iOS

An on-the-go, intuitive experience

Our team had a very clear challenge: to make an intuitive mobile app that serves power users to manage their trip in the best way possible. We defined key journeys for potential users, that use native components such as modals, modular micro-flows and dynamic content cards to enhance the overall experience. This also results in direct, short UX paths to key information – such as boarding passes and passenger info – all from travelers’ fingertips.

Key features

Real-time information
Do your check-in, view flight delays and other key alerts, all from the home screen. Get direct access to your boarding pass, travel info and other contextual actions.

Key features

Rich profile management
Save important travel information such as travel documents, companions, and preferred payment methods for upcoming trips.

Key features

Easy navigation
Intuitive flows, a modular design system and micro-animations make navigation a breeze. Users also have direct shortcuts to the most important app sections.

“We had to take into account all aspects of the traveler’s journey. People expect easy interactions and best in class digital experiences, and that’s what we created.”

A bespoke experience for two platforms

One of the critical objectives for this project was to create unique design patterns for both Android and iOS users, taking advantage of native elements and components. The object Manager feature is an example of a custom UI component that was adapted to work with native elements from each OS, and their specific interface guidelines.

achievements we are proud of


Adaptive solutions for every traveler
From real-time flight time alerts to critical shortcuts, the team focused on letting the users have the essential information they need, at their fingertips.


Bespoke system experiences
We created two distinct apps, which take into account native components and navigation patterns for each OS. We were able to create a fast and effective way for travelers to manage their flights.


Making an impact in the ecosystem
The app is reaching 10k+ downloads and is #3 on travel apps on the app store within the first 2 weeks since launching.

Catching a flight is always stressful. That’s why we created a portable and efficient solution that focuses on delivering a stress-free, simple and intuitive experience for the on-the-go power traveler. Now, go and fly!