Viva Aerobus: digital revamp for a Mexican icon

How we helped Viva Aerobus develop and deploy their new website

Viva Aerobus is the largest low-cost airline in Mexico. It has over one million passengers monthly, and is the fastest-growing airline globally. We were tasked to develop a best-in-class digital experience for its customers across the world. Our team was able to enhance and simplify the airline booking experience in a responsive, fast and well integrated website.


Viva Aerobus






Front end development, Repositories


Responsive Web

From strategy, to code

We started off by understanding the airline business with all its processes and technologies. By closely working together with Viva Aerobus, we managed to integrate all aspects of the user experience design, back-end and business rules into a pixel-perfect, responsive and fast end-to-end booking website.

After having developed a strong website and deliver – and deployed – all required flows, Viva Aerobus launch a beta phase, for users to test the new website. When that turned out to be a big success, the website was launched publicly in 2021.

Key features

New homepage
An easier journey, news alerts and a responsive cross-browser experience

Key features

Easier booking process
Through an intuitive, well designed and fast booking experience, conversion has increased significantly.

Key features

Simplified add-ons
Easily understand what you’re paying for and add only what you need.

“For us, having a fast, reliable and delightful web experience is essential to grow our business. Umvel has been a great development partner in making this come true.” - Pablo Gomez Gallardo, Chief Digital Officer at Viva Aerobus

More than a responsive website

Creating a truly native browsing experience, was top priority for Viva. Our team combined multiple coding languages (JavaScript, CSS, breakpoints, etc.) and methods, to achieve this. This way, accessing the website from whichever device and browser, always feels like an “app-like” intuitive experience.

achievements to be proud of


Easy creation of new, custom modules
Viva Aerobus can easily add new (informative) pages for promotions, services and brand content, saving them valuable time and does not require coding.


A truly native experience
By adopting a range of different techniques and methods we were able to emulate a true native browsing experience across a variety of platforms and devices.


Very Rapid deployment
Changes, and new functionalities for Viva’s website are continously deployed in a rapid and secure way, through use of Gitlab and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

For Viva Aerobus, we developed and deployed a native digital browsing experience for its new website, that’s future-proof in all possible ways, and enables Viva to make changes and add new pages independently.

During the process, we ensured a continuous and constructive relationship with the Viva team, achieving complete alignment with all stakeholders.