Trove: VTEX E-commerce

A marketplace for support of American, women-ledsmall fashion brands.

Trove is on a mission to change the way we shop, looking to elevate conscious and sustainable shopping and support women-led small businesses. Umvel was tasked to design and develop an e-comm platform with unique functionalities. Trove’s platform gives consumers access to unique clothing brands, and allows them to connect with professional wardrobe stylists for personal consultations and shopping support.








Strategic Planning, Architecture, Visual Design, Front-End, Back-End, VTEX Implementation


Desktop/ Responsive Mobile

Creating a VTEX marketplace

One of the biggest challenges we faced, was to find a solution to create a marketplace that combines stores hosted on Shopify and VTEX. Our solution was to create middleware that serves as a translator from the Shopify stores to a VTEX main site, creating an integrated and seamless shopping experience for customers.

Another solution we developed, is a custom administrator module for managing the stylists services, reports, SKU’s and catalog in a simple and accessible way.

Key features

Personalized shopping experience.
Book professional styling sessions and buy from specially selected designer collections, that focus on ethical shopping.

Site administrator and back-end support
Reports, easy to use storefront, catalog, stylist services and SKUs are all easy to manage. The admin module was unique tailored to Trove’s business needs.

Middleware marketplace
Multiple integrated e-commerce solutions, connected through uniquely developed middleware, enabling communication between Shopify and VTEX.

Disrupting the way we shop for clothing

For Trove, it is important to give visibility to all platform brands, including their mission and the values they represent – yet still focus on – and stimulate – hard sales.

To support this, we applied best practices to create a shopping experience that guides consumers from an empty to full cart, without any distractions.

Moreover, we created brand-specific filters that resonate with each brand’s mission and vision, such as ‘ethical’, ‘woman owned’ and ‘eco-friendly packaging’.

We developed a fashion marketplace & middleware solution, capable of hosting both Shopify and VTEX stores, resulting in a seamless experience for Trove and its customers.