Grupo Gigante: SmartWalk

An immersive real estate platform designed for brokers and visitors of GGI properties

GGI is an innovative real estate development company, that manages more than 128 real estate properties and 1,500 commercial premises. Umvel helped GGI to translate the best practices in physical real estate tours into a truly immersive digital platform, that helps brokers sell properties in digital first way.


Grupo Gigante Inmobiliario






Diseño UX/UI, Desarrollo sistema web, Diseño de interfaz


Desktop / Responsive Mobile

Replicating the best of physical experiences

To better understand the challenge, we immersed ourselves in the real estate world. This allowed us to better understand the needs of clients, brokers and developers. For this, we conducted stakeholder and client interviews, and took physical tours.

By uncovering unique insights and understanding the best practices in the industry, the team successfully translated the offline experience to the virtual world.

Key features

Register new brokers, team leaders, and properties in the GGI admin system.

Broker and client
Centralized access to properties for brokers. Manage virtual and physical visits in broker calendars. For clients, easily plan virtual tours, take notes and express points of interest.

Immersive experience
A unique interactive visit experience, that provides the right assistance for brokers to make an amazing impression on the potential buyers.

Building an easy to use platform, ready to grow in the future

Through the use of Matterport in combination with custom digital solutions, created by the Umvel team, Smartwalk truly is an easy to use, unique and interactive experience. The seamless integration of Matterport files makes this platform usable for anyone with existing Matterport blueprints.

Our design team worked hand in hand with developers to create an intuitive interface so that brokers and prospects who are not “technologically savvy”, can use the platform in a matter of seconds

SmartWalk is a disruptive real estate platform, that empowers brokers to strengthen the client relationship. By offering virtual, immersive tools it helps potential buyers to make better decisions.