Seguros Mundial: portal

A full, digital experiene for both renter’s and owner’s insurance.

Seguros Mundial is a large Colombian insurer. One of their biggest products is renter’s and owner’s insurance. We were asked to digitize the quoting and contracting process, and help them implement a DevOps culture to better operate digital processess. Off we go!


Seguros Mundial






UX research, Wireframing, Visual Design & Branding, Architecture, Front-end & Back-end, DevOps



Towards a digital insurance exprience

First, we needed to fully understand the insurance market, products and customer behavior. We did this through a Research and Workshop phase, with both end users and stakeholders. This enabled us to make a UX, development and DevOps strategy, in which ease of use, direct feedback and simplicity, were key.

Key features

Full DevOps implementation
Resulting in an 80% more effective operations by digitizing development and deployment processes.

100% digital journeys
From quoting, to file uploads, to final contract: both owner and renter can do everything online, without the help of a broker

Microservices Architecture Deployment
Allwing for rapid code deployments and an overall lightweight achitecture.

A web-based insurance platform

We developed a web-based platform, that allows Seguros Mundial to disrupt the market, being the first local player to implement digital renter’s insurance, end-to-end – without using a broker. This greatly benefits the customer acquisition process, as operational costs go down while customer volume can increase.

We designed, built and deployed new customer success journeys for Seguros Mundial. This made their operations 80% more effective, by offering a fully automated acquisition process, removing the need to work with an insurance broker.