OEIO: Getting you in shape

Where fitness and wellness meet.

OEIO is a sports and wellness marketplace, that helps people to achieve the best version of themselves. Easily book a spa treatment, yoga class or crossfit workout, in seconds. What’s more, OEIO lets owners easily manage bookings and performance. We helped design, build and operate the entire ecosystem, for the first marketplace of its kind, in LATAM.




2019 - Ongoing




UX Research, Wireframing, Visual Design & Branding, Architecture, Front-end & Back-end


Android & iOS

Convenience, ease of use and connection

We researched the fitness and wellness industry, and defined several key goals. First, the booking and payment should be super simple and seamless. Second, it should be a versatile, intuitive platform for owners to manage their business. And last, we want it stimulate people to try new sports, treatments and classes.

Key features

All in one
Find the best places for fitness and wellness in the palm of your hand. Easier, better.

Reserve in a minute
Pick and choose your favorite service, staff, date and hour without having to call or wait in line.

Save time and pay straight from the app
OEIO generates a QR code allowing you to pay throughout the app. No more waiting in line!

Helping owners to grow their business

We’ve built an easy to use Admin SaaS platform, that serves the native OEIO iOS and Android apps. It lets owners manage bookings, track sales, progress and employee performance. This helps service providers keep a clear overview and spot opportunities where to grow.

We helped OEIO to design, build and operate a LATAM first sports and wellness marketplace.

This SaaS solution spans native apps, a complete admin portal, versatile reporting and other features.