HEMSA: an e-commerce platform for a giant

Helping HEMSA break through into the digital retail industry

HEMSA is a Mexican department store best known for being a prominent player in the office and school supply and electronics spaces, managing more than 43,000 products. The HEMSA team approached us with a major challenge: redesigning and relaunching their e-commerce website in record time. For this, we set out to help them by building a world-class e-commerce experience, from scratch.








VTEX implementaion, Dev-ops, UX, UI, E-commerce consultation & advisory


Web, mobile and native application.

Enhancing HEMSA’s web experience

Increasing HEMSA’s conversion and traffic to their website, were our top priorities. Our team carried out an extensive digital audit and analyzed competitors’ best practices to determine key strategies and new features for HEMSA’s e-commerce experience. We created training materials and ran various workshops, to help the HEMSA team stand out in a crowded retail space.

Key features

VTEX and Shopify seller portal
Allowing HEMSA to invite their suppliers into their new platform, even when using shopify.

UI/UX improvements to boost conversions
A better interface builds trust with customers. HEMSA’s branding is now more streamlined and visually appealing.

E-commerce best practices training
We developed an all-around strategy training, based on best practices

Making HEMSA the best choice to shop

In order for HEMSA to be on the ‘top of mind’ of Mexican shoppers, they needed to have a truly diverse catalog with new products, as well as competitive prices. We turned this challenge into an opportunity. We created a professional digital experience with an expanded product catalog.

Our goal was for HEMSA to have a stronger brand presence throughout every season of the year, with a powerful e-commerce that allows for promotions, clear product descriptions, and useful filters.

By understanding major opportunities and with a best-in-class user experience, Umvel helped HEMSA to increase traffic and consumer trust, by creating a new e-commerce platform.