Food central: A versatile food marketplace

Digital transformation in the food plaza industry

Food Central is food plaza with unique culinary options, serving to all people in the residential, corporate and commercial spaces inside large Mexican building complex. Umvel helped Food Central to develop a digital marketplace that gives its users the ability to order - and get delivered - any products they buy online.


Grupo Gigante Inmobiliario


2020 - Ongoing




UX Research Wireframing Software Architecture Front-end & Back-end development


Desktop / Responsive Mobile

A one-stop shop for food delivery

Our main challenge was to understand multiple stakeholders. The team conducted physical and virtual research and applied many of the industry’s best practices to define Food Central’s digital value proposition, resulting in a seamless, best-in-class user experience.

We designed user flows where people could create centralized orders, and developed a delivery platform for trusted, in-house couriers to deliver secure orders.

Key features

Manage performance & places
Register (new) providers in Food Central, view performance reports, manage promotions and manage customers that use the app

For restaurants
Track income trends, incoming payments and orders, register promotions and updated menus

For clients
A well designed native order app to browse restaurants, make and track orders and read reviews of all providers

Enabling food central providers to digitize their business, in an instant

By the use of a so-called “central table”, the system collects and organizes orders in a central place, making fulfillment more efficient.
Users can also pre-order food up to 24 hours before delivery, through native iOS and Android apps, and have a pick-up option if needed. This provides a great customer experience and makes it easy to plan the day ahead in an easy way.

We helped to design, build and operate a pioneering food plaza marketplace.

This SaaS solution spans native client apps, a versatile admin portal, rich reporting and other useful features. Food Central is now live and can be used in Miyana, CDMX.