BDV: Visa Platform

Streamlining the US Green Card application in one platform.

BDV Solutions is a market leading legal services firm, that specializes in helping their clients process and obtain their EB-3 visas. BDV wanted to completely digitize their operations, allowing their clients to directy access the all functionalities. They asked Umvel help design, build and operate their new platform, called YOW.


Yow by BDV Solutions


2019 - Ongoing


United States


Wireframing, Visual Design & Branding, Architecture, Front-end & Back-end



Digitizing complex, manual processes

BDV Solutions had long worked with manual processes and tools. In an industry like this, digitizing labor-intensive work, is key in achieving scability. That’s why we automated processes and workflows, so that technology becomes a true asset and enabler for them, rather than a scary black box.

Key features

Streamline visa processes
for both BDV Staff and Foreign Nationals, reducing manual, labor intense work, for both sides.

Digital transformation
We started from scratch, effectively designing the entire digital operations model.

KPI Dashboards & notifications
for employees, helps BDV to keep track of performance, and make improvements.

Streamlining the visa process

The YOW platform helps staff and foreign nationals to have a synced, streamlined visa process, and follow ups, for each individual case. This includes tracking progress with the government, automated onboarding, automatic customer qualification and on-demand chats and messaging.

We helped BDV Solutions to streamline their EB3 visa business by developing YOW. This platform spans web based applications, a full administrator portal and dashboard. Using YOW, allows BDV Staff work 70% faster.