Arena: The Place to Play

A 360 gaming experience.

What does an ideal gaming center experience, look like? Cinemex approached us with this challenge, the spanned not just the online presence, but also included controlling the gaming stations, onsite user interaction and staff administration. Let the games begin!


Arena, Cinemex






Wireframing, Visual Design & Branding, Architecture, Front-end & Back-end, DevOps


Desktop/Responsive, iPads, iPad Mini

Designing a Gaming Center operation from the ground up

Given the innovative nature of the business and the lack of comparable benchmarks in the market we had to design the business and operation from scratch.

This meant tailoring the administrative side of the platform to adjust to the needs of the ideal customer journey while integrating it with and complying with the operational requirements of Arena’s parent company Grupo Cinemex.

Key features

End-to-end experience
We designed our platform so that users could manage all necessary interactions with Arena via a digital interface.

iOS Enterprise ecosystem
Arena leverages iOS device management and deployment features, representing the largest Enterprise iOS implementation in Mexico.

Internet of Things
Our platform brings together onsite physical devices with cloud based applications unifying management of interaction between both.

A digital experience for the most demanding users

Given that gamers are power users of digital platforms we had to create an experience that they would find inmersive and engaging incorporatting visual elements from gaming interfaces to meet their high demands.

By developing both a fully responsive web interface and a native mobile application we provided users with multiple channels via which they could leverage the platforms array of features.

We helped Arena become the most innovative gaming center concept in the American continent, creating an entirely new line of business and access to a new market for Grupo Cinemex.