We got everything in house, to help you enter and conquer the digital economy.

And end-to-end approach

We start with strategy and design, as input for our architecture, development and deployment activities.

Research & Strategy

Digital business strategy

Value proposition definition

Innovation/scenario planning

Brand definition & positioning

Qualitative user research

Quantitative user research

Requirements & MVP


UX/UI Design


Customer journey mapping

Wireframes / functional design

User Flows

Service blueprint


Visual design

Design Language System


Software requirements specification

Components diagrams

API Documentation or definition

Class diagrams definition

Database diagrams

Microservices architecture definition

Infrastructure definition

Platform evolution definition*

User cases definition

Dataflow and components integration architecture


Mobile apps development

High availability Web Dev.

Backend development in MSA

AI Development & Training

ML Development & Training

Scalable software development

System design and architecture development

Cloud development

Embedded system development

Servlet and serverless dev.

Lambda systems development

Cross platform development

Legacy to cloud transformation

Deploy (Security & QA)

2FA – authentication

Data backups

Per-user access rights

Data encryption

Safe file sharing

Configurable sharing rules

Code Audits

Vulnerability test

Cloud security

Stress testing

Security monitoring

Access control


Attack emulations (DoS, DDoS)

End-to-end testing

Automation testing services

Code quality assurance

Web application testing

Mogile apps testing

Datawarehouse testing

Quality assurance matrix development

Monkey test

Black box, White box, Grey box testing

Radar testing (Code smells, Lighthouse, …)


VPS management

Cloud infrastructure management

Cloud computing and cloud hosting services

AWS, IBM Cloud & GCP


Cloud infrastructure migration

SLA definition & execution

On premise servers maintenance

Level 1-3 Support


4 ways we can help you

Product end-to-end product development

We help you build a new venture and (digital) product from scratch, end-to-end. We partner up throughout the entire journey to build a kick-ass new business offering for your business.

Position strategy and brand positioning

Perform research to understand your target market, customer and opportunities. We will translate those opportunities to an MVP definition, so that all requirements for development, are clear.

Build design and deploy an mvp

If the value proposition and requirements have been defined already, we can design a first version of your product, and validate its success with potential clients. Then, we develop and deploy this MVP, and help you launch your digital product.

Propel embed and scale your product

When strategy, experience & visual design have been done, we can help develop the solution, and implement your DevOps activities. This ensures a structured, phased rollout of future releases, without the headaches. Moreover, it aligns your digital operations with your business.